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An Iterative Approach to My Blog

I was leaving the corporate world behind and needed to rebrand. I had a hard deadline. I had a new job, a new domain and...


My Nomadic Lifestyle

My goal for the next two months is to maximize my learning time and try to keep my anxiety as low as possible by stripping...


Rewire your brain (Part 8) - Conclusion

Page 172 of the book Rewire: Changing Your Brain to Break Bad Habits, Overcome Addictions, Conquer Self-Destructive Behavior written by psychotherapist Richard O’Connor says that whatever we...


Rewire your brain (Part 7) - Our habits

Germany Kent says that it's a funny thing about life, once you begin to take note of the things you are grateful for, you begin to...


Rewire your brain (Part 6) - Neuroplasticity

Lara Boyd challenges us by asking how do we learn? And why does some of us learn things more easily than others?

In the part 5,...


Rewire your brain (Part 5) - The Satir Change Process Model

Virginia Satir says that we can learn something new anytime we believe we can. Therefore we can learn to cope with what we are dealing with...


Rewire your brain (Part 4) - Childhood survival rules

Virginia Satir says that you have learned what you have learned very well. It has helped you survive.

In Part 3, Distress Tolerance, we learned how...


Rewire your brain (Part 3) - Distress tolerance

Oliver Goldsmith says that the mind is ever ingenious in making its own distress.

In Part 2 we looked at how we can activate five neuro...


Rewire your brain (Part 2) - Activate neuro pathways

Dr. Hilary Stokes says that we have trillions of brain cells, resulting in thousands (if not millions) of strings of lights (chemical reactions) correlating with our...


Rewire your brain (Part 1) - Introduction

John Medina said, "what you do and learn in life physically changes what your brain looks like - it literally rewires it."

You are learning something new...


Deliberate downtime

"Do you really squeeze more productivity out of yourself by powering through your weariness?", Caroline Webb

To make good decisions you need your mind to be fresh....


Sustainable living

The aim is simple. I wish to boost my overall sense of wellbeing by living a more fulfilling life day-to-day.

I decided it was time to consciously...


Code katas

A fun way to practice and familiarize yourself with development tools, workflows, patterns and practices.

Wikipedia states that a code kata is an exercise in programming which...


The rainbow in our storm sprint

Communication is essential to minimize stress and get the support a team needs to be successful.

We are seven days into our two week sprint and our...


Making red-tape allies

Having allies that are exposed to just as much red-tape as you can give you the confidence and guidance you need.

Sometimes you have to tackle many...


Streamline operations communication

Get the support you need to make the product and operating the product a success.

Teams cannot focus on sprint work when there are multiple communication channels filtering...


Discovering fiddles

If you are new to fiddles, it's an online code playground that let's you quickly experiment, visualize results and share code without having to start up an...


The horror behind design

Improve your craft, write the cleanest code you know how at that point in time, learn from your mistakes (and that of others) and always aim...


Reignite the passion

Do you remember how excited you were when you wrote your first program? It's easy to forget when you've been in the real-world for a long...


Dealing with change in teams

It's sad when people leave because bonds are formed but we can't stay in the same environment and position forever.

I had a bad experience. I once...


How this blog improved my productivity

Having a pet project has some powerful benefits. Do you have one? What benefits have you observed?

I started this blog as a course. I decided to...


Adjusting the corporate mindset

Just because it's always been done that way, doesn't mean it can't be changed.

Personally there is nothing I can do about the way corporate work....


Time is precious

When last did you just stop to smell a flower? Or take a peaceful walk without having to rush for something?

Today I sat in standstill traffic....


Days that rush away

Are you busy but don't feel productive? I feel this way sometimes. It is exhausting. How can we find ways to feel fulfilled and accomplished at...


Bonding with Testers

Do you form relationships with testers? Teaming up with testers from the beginning of a feature can positively impact the quality of the feature being developed.

At work...