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How I got started with my first Gatsby source & remark plugin

I created my first npm package - EVER! 🎉 It's a Gatsby source and transformer remark plugin called gatsby-remark-interactive-gifs. What that means is that it both extends the Gatsby GraphQL schema with what I call interactive gif data and it translates the Markdown, which I have in the form of...


Git aliases

You can create Git aliases for long or repetitive commands which map to short cuts. This can make your workflow more efficient as it decreases the number of keystrokes involved.

You create your alias using the Git config command which updates the Git configuration files (local or global scope). You can create them...



I use this plugin for emojis on my website. The reference to all possible emojis are hidden here.

The current emojis include the following. You can reference an emoji by surrounding the keyword with colons such as :emoji-key: 💯


Setup macOS development environment

Note: I am running macOS Mojave on a 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7 with 16 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3 RAM. I am setting up my environment to write some awesome Clojure code.

This environment is for Clojure and NodeJS development using the Spacemacs configuration with Emacs and Vim bindings.


The missing package manager for...


Look, I have a MacBook Pro now

Hooray, I now have a new MacBook Pro! I never thought the day would come where that would happen. I've always been a Microsoft junkie, hacking away at daddy's computer as a young girl while other girls were having sleep overs and pillow fights and who knows what other things young girls did...


The Silver Searcher

The ack utility was designed to replace 99% of the uses of grep.

As stated in the man page

Ack searches the named input FILEs (or standard input if no files are named, or the file name - is given) for lines containing a match to the given PATTERN . By default,...


Creating a Clojure solution using IntelliJ

I am creating a simple Clojure web app and API. In this post I explore how to create each with the lein command and what references I need to use.

I plan to work on a monolith IntelliJ and git solution so that I don't need to maintain multiple projects and repositories.


Clarice Bouwer

Greet users with the message of the day

The message of the day is known as motd. It's used to send a message to users after logging into a shell, commonly used on hosts.

find / -name "motd" # if you forget where to locate the file
vim /etc/motd



Cisco ASA cheat sheet

Cisco Adaptive Security Appliancy is known as the Cisco ASA. It is used to protect networks and data centres.

It offers firewall, VPN and facilitates dynamic routing amongst other features and capabilities.

It runs on Linux using a single Executable and Linkable Format program called lina. Lina schedules processes and handles things like concurrency internally rather...


Getting started with Cisco Adaptive Security Virtual Appliance in AWS

I work with NATs and ACLs on Cisco ASA (Adaptive Security Appliance) in the terminal. I want a sandbox environment for me to go bonkers. I couldn't find an image from Cisco to download and install so I chose to go shopping on the AWS Marketplace.

I found Cisco Adaptive Security Virtual Appliance...


Installing Elasticsearch and Kibana

An NRT (near-realtime) search platform. It's about a one second delay from the time a document is indexed until it is searchable.



There are a lot of ways to install Elasticsearch and on many different platforms. Pick your flavor. I installed Elasticsearch using instructions for Fedora.

Public signing key


Migrage my search from Solr to Elasticsearch

An NRT (near-realtime) search platform. It's about a one second delay from the time a document is indexed until it is searchable.

I have been using Solr for my search but have been wanting to migrate to Elasticsearch for experience in this technology. This is my cheat sheet to install the service on Fedora.




Uninstall an app from the terminal

I installed an application. It misbehaved.

I wanted to try out a time tracking app. It should let me track reminders and record activity spent in meetings, out-of-office and on tasks I am working on, etc.

I need to be able to interact with it in the GUI but I couldn't. It appeared...


SSH for Days

Mosh - the mobile shell. This remote terminal let's you roam with intermittent connectivity without breaking your SSH tunnel.

The package must be installed on both the client and server and does not need to be run as a super user.

It replaces interactive SSH. Instant keystroke response, robust roaming but you'll need working UDP.



Set $JAVA_HOME in Linux

$JAVA_HOME an environment variable. It is the root path of the JRE or JDK which some applications and services use to access Java.

I know that Java is installed java -version but its not in the path echo $JAVA_HOME, the output is empty.

Configure for single user

  • Open the shell script in your...

Working With Git Remotes

I have a repository with two remotes. origin is my personal repository and bitbucket is by BitBucket repository. The nugget of this post is to push to both branches in one command.

The git remote command lets you create, view, and delete connections to other repositories. Remote connections are more like bookmarks rather...


Create a symlink for hidden files

I want to create a symlink for all hidden files excluding the hidden directories. I want to put my configuration files in my home directory into version control.

I need to exclude the hidden directories because they contain binaries and what not.

Using this one liner, I can create a symbolic link for every hidden...


Why I Create Atomic Commits In Git

I wrote about crafting changes into small atomic commits using Git. It looked like there was some confusion. I want to share what I understand about atomic and monolithic commits and why I create atomic commits in Git.

I got a question in Reddit by WetDynamics that "atomic commits sound nice in theory but in practice you...


How To Craft Your Changes Into Small Atomic Commits Using Git

Small, atomic commits makes it easier for code reviews, browsing the history and reverting changes. Life happens and commits can touch more lines and files than I want but the changes committed should be distinct. "Don't mix your apples with your toaster."

TL;DR: Use git add -i or git add -p. Stage...


Using the tar Command in Linux

I used to right-click on a zipped file and manage the archive using the GUI. Gone are those days. Now I mainly work with tar files and need a cheat sheet to remember the commands for the terminal. 😊 You can find that at the end of this post.

This post forms part...


Checking Disk Usage in Linux

I had to find out much free space was available on a file system on a Linux server. Now getting this information on the GUI is simple - a few clicks, modals and stuff, but the server doesn't have a GUI so it's off to the terminal I go 😋

The other scenario I...


A Service Has Gone Rogue. How Do I Manage It?

Once I installed a development service on port 3000 and I forgot about it. When I ran my project I couldn't start it because the port was in use. Baffled. 😕

This post forms part of a sequence of command line references that I will be writing where I forget the command or...


Setting up Solr on Nginx with Let's Encrypt

I want to enable search on my blog. I started looking into different solutions. I started with ElasticSearch but came across too many issues to get it setup that I paused on that and moved on to Solr. I fully intend on working with ElasticSearch and Kibana soon.

Setting up Solr comes with...


Logging to Graylog in Clojure

It's simple. I wanted to log to Graylog from my Clojure application. I banged my head numerous times trying to figure out how and why it did't want to work. Here's what I did to complete my mission.


Go to System > Inputs > Gelf UDP / TCP > Launch new input. By default...


Setting up my environment in Fedora - Installing apps

I had to re-install so I documented my process. In this post, I focus on the installation of my most used apps.

Get dnf ready

dnf is Dandified YUM, a .rpm-based distribution package manager. To speed up the upgrade download times, try using fastest mirror.


Setting up my environment in Fedora - Customizing my shell

I had to re-install so I documented my process. In this post, I focus on configuring my shell for a personalized experience.

Install Oh My Zsh

zsh is an interactive shell with many features that improve the command line experience. Oh My Zsh is a very popular plugin framework for zsh which comes...


Setting up my environment in Fedora - Creating a boot disk

I had to re-install so I documented my process. In this post, I focus on getting a Fedora 28 live media installation ready on a USB boot disk so that I can begin the installation process.

Note: I am using a Lenovo Ideapad 330. When the logo appears on boot I need...


Setting up my environment in Fedora - Creating backups

I had to re-install so I documented my process. In this post, I focus on getting my data backed up so that I can restore it after the installation.

Whatever isn't in git gets archived. This is mainly my home directory. I want it backed up to my VM at CloudAfrica and to...


Setting up my environment in Fedora

I needed to format my HDD because ... reasons. 😁 For a change, I decided to play around with Fedora instead of Ubuntu. The installation was painless and the user experience is much like what I am used to.

I had a few hiccups on this journey mainly due to my ignorance...


Datomic Cheat Sheet Series - Queries (Part 5) - Transactions

In this post I work through transactions. The example queries are grabbed from the Datomic Docs. If you want to get started with Datomic, check out the first post in the series. If you want to see other queries, then check out part 1 and


Datomic Cheat Sheet Series - Queries (Part 4) - Pull

In this post I work through pull expressions using the Datomic MusicBrainz sample database. The example queries are grabbed from the Datomic Docs. If you want to get started with Datomic, check out the first post in the series. If you want to see other queries, then...


Datomic Cheat Sheet Series - Queries (Part 3) - Rules

In this post I work through the creation of rules using the Datomic MusicBrainz sample database. The example queries are grabbed from the Datomic Docs and the Datomic mbrainz sample GitHub pages. If you want to get started with Datomic, check out the first post in...


Datomic Cheat Sheet Series - Queries (Part 2)

In this post I work through more querying capabilities using the Datomic MusicBrainz sample database. The example queries are grabbed from the Datomic Docs. If you want to get started with Datomic, check out the first post in the series. If you want to see some...


Datomic Cheat Sheet Series - Queries (Part 1)

In this post I work through querying the Datomic MusicBrainz sample database. The example queries are grabbed from the Datomic Docs. If you want to get started with Datomic, check out the previous post in the series.

Relationship diagram


Datomic Cheat Sheet Series - Getting Started

Get started with the essentials of Datomic from installing Datomic, running a transactor, working with the Datomic console, running the Datomic REPL, creating and restoring a database, creating a schema and furnishing it with data.

The goal of this series is to expose a collection of queries that I find...


Behind the Scenes: My Blog

I developed corporate programmer using a Ruby-based static-site generator called Jekyll. It transforms Markdown, Liquid, HTML and CSS to a static website so that no is database required.

While I was planning to leave the corporate world, I started rebranding. I wanted a change. A new look. A...


Clojure Buzzwords I am Learning

When I first started with Clojure, my mind was foggy and filled with a swarm of buzzwords. There were tools, plugins, libraries, patterns and frameworks with names that were all new to me. This is a blog post of all the buzzwords that I am learning.

I have been a...


Learning Linux

I have used Windows for over twenty years. Oh my goodness that's a long bloody time.

Now I've joined the Linux world. It's thrilling. I'm loving it, learning, sharing (and as always - documenting) what I love and learn.

Ubuntu's APT (Advanced Packaging Tool) gives you access to some cool software that...


An Iterative Approach to My Blog

I was leaving the corporate world behind and needed to rebrand. I had a hard deadline. I had a new job, a new domain and new hosting, I needed a new blog.

I could have rebranded my old blog but I didn't take that approach. In retrospect, it wouldn't have been...


A Trilogy About the Chrome DevTools in Many Parts

Don't take your knowledge for granted. Share it. Someone could learn something new. It also helps you remember it. Keep a record of what you learn in a blog, memo or even a paperback book. Whatever you choose, jot it down and help your future self and others.

Features! It's all...


Building a Monitoring Display with a Rock64

There is a page that we want to monitor. It has a lot of valuable information on it and fits nicely on a 4K screen. A ROCK64 device will power this display.

The use case is simple: when the device turns on, the user must log in automatically. A browser must...


My Nomadic Lifestyle

My goal for the next two months is to maximize my learning time and try to keep my anxiety as low as possible by stripping out unnecessary concerns. I made some changes that ripped me outside of my comfort zone that initially made me anxious. This is what I did:



My First Week at CloudAfrica

Stay tuned if you are interested to know what I learned, did and achieved in the past week. Maybe something I did could be of interest to you. Only time will tell. Read on.


I started the week by saying my goodbyes to the lovely people at MultiChoice. I have learned...



I've been very quite. A year's worth of quiet to be exact. I'm sorry. I'm still here. I still plan on blogging, just a little differently now and maybe shorter posts.

Writing is hard. Saying goodbye is harder. Writing to say goodbye, for me, is downright a terrible combination.

People are like wood, drifting in...


Defusing Stressful Emotions

Mark Twain said, "I am an old man and I have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened."

It’s unsustainable to experience many days feeling exhausted, uninspired and anxious. I believe the biggest contributing factor is superficial stress. Stress that is self-made and becomes unbearable because we make it so.



Rewire your brain (Part 8) - Conclusion

Page 172 of the book Rewire: Changing Your Brain to Break Bad Habits, Overcome Addictions, Conquer Self-Destructive Behavior written by psychotherapist Richard O’Connor says that whatever we pay attention to determines how our brain grows.

This post concludes the series "Rewire Your Brain". What a journey.

I originally started this series to help me overcome...


Rewire your brain (Part 7) - Our habits

Germany Kent says that it's a funny thing about life, once you begin to take note of the things you are grateful for, you begin to lose sight of the things that you lack.

In the part 6, Neuroplasticity, we looked at how the chemicals of the brain can change. Changes can be...


Rewire your brain (Part 6) - Neuroplasticity

Lara Boyd challenges us by asking how do we learn? And why does some of us learn things more easily than others?

In the part 5, The Satir Change Process Model, we looked at how the model can help transform unhealthy behaviors to more positive behaviors by working through the different stages of...


Rewire your brain (Part 5) - The Satir Change Process Model

Virginia Satir says that we can learn something new anytime we believe we can. Therefore we can learn to cope with what we are dealing with by readjusting the way we think.

In the part 4, Survival Rules, we look at how we can identify childhood survival rules, analyze them and decide if...


Rewire your brain (Part 4) - Childhood survival rules

Virginia Satir says that you have learned what you have learned very well. It has helped you survive.

In Part 3, Distress Tolerance, we learned how to "Distract. Relax. Cope." We identify negative coping mechanisms and avoid self-destructive behaviors so that you break the negative reinforcing loop.

Through Radical Acceptance, Distraction Plans and...


Rewire your brain (Part 3) - Distress tolerance

Oliver Goldsmith says that the mind is ever ingenious in making its own distress.

In Part 2 we looked at how we can activate five neuro pathways in order to create new neural networks in the brain. This technique helps us rewire the brain to change our behavior.

In Part 3 we will...


Rewire your brain (Part 2) - Activate neuro pathways

Dr. Hilary Stokes says that we have trillions of brain cells, resulting in thousands (if not millions) of strings of lights (chemical reactions) correlating with our habits in all areas of our life.

In part one, the introduction, we looked at why we need to explore the idea of rewiring the brain. In my...


Rewire your brain (Part 1) - Introduction

John Medina said, "what you do and learn in life physically changes what your brain looks like - it literally rewires it."

You are learning something new everyday. Whether it be a new skill, new way of doing something, discovering something you haven't encountered before, exploring a new area or meeting new people and...


Practice what you preach

"Your beliefs don't make you a better person, our behavior does."

I have a far way to go on my journey. My journey of self-discovery and healing. It's a life-long journey and sometimes it's a real battle. Yes, it becomes absolutely exhausting. I struggle - so many times, yet I push through as...


Who are you and where are you going?

Nathaniel Hawthorne says that happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.

I've been plagued for years for trying to find purpose in life. This desperation has left me exhausted as I a played a cyclic game. I...


Know your limits

"Know your limits, know when to give, know when to demand, know when to say no, know when enough is enough"

Face your fears, get out of your comfort-zone, do something that you won't normally do. Yes, this is maybe great advice until it becomes debilitating and you falter under the pressures of this...


Change starts with you

Mahatma Gandhi says to start changing yourself if you want to change the life around you.

"Change starts with you"... how cliché Clarice. Thanks for that one.

Okay, I really feel I need to deep dive into this topic to make my intentions clear. It is common knowledge yet subtly and very challenging to apply...


Words define your reality

"Words are free. It's how you use them, that may cost you." - KushandWizdom

How often do you listen to yourself when you speak? Not just hear your own voice but actually listen to the words that you use.

Do you carefully choose the words you use? This can be in ordinary conversations, debates,...


Discovering yourself

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” ― Aristotle

Sometimes I struggle to consciously understand my actions. This makes it hard for me to find out why I react the way I do in certain situations.

In some cases I am proud of how I act but other cases I feel bad...


The fear behind the scenes

"The reason why we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind the scenes with everyone else's highlight reel," Steven Furtick

Think of someone successful in the industry who you admire. This person doesn't have to be well known, but to you this person is doing amazing things. Things you probably don't think...


Rubyfuza 2017 Conference

I spoke at Rubyfuza 2017 in Cape Town about how Imposter Syndrome impacts my day-to-day decisions and confidence, affects growth by limiting opportunities and makes me feel unworthy. I wanted to share my experience & perspective of feeling like a fraud with other software professionals.

This was my first conference presentation* in front of a...


The imposter within

“Did I do anything wrong today,” he said, “or has the world always been like this and I've been too wrapped up in myself to notice?” ― Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Just over a month ago I:

  • started doubting myself;
  • felt like I wasn't adding value or achieving much;
  • felt uncertain of...

Byte order mark

The byte order mark or BOM is an invisible Unicode magic number that can be found at the beginning of a text stream.

We recently changed static HTML on a web page and all Unicode characters displayed incorrectly. This was caused by the missing byte order mark in the UTF-8 file which Windows...


Contributing to the README

When someone new works on your repository, make sure it is easy to get setup.

Imagine if we didn't have any documentation; if we all adopted the mindset of "I already know this, let others figure it out on their own."

No more books. No more Wikipedia. No more READMEs. No more StackOverflow. No...


Deliberate downtime

"Do you really squeeze more productivity out of yourself by powering through your weariness?", Caroline Webb

To make good decisions you need your mind to be fresh. If you keep grinding through tasks, your brain gets tired and can go on auto-pilot. This can impact your focus, productivity, decision making and mood.

Do you really...


Sustainable living

The aim is simple. I wish to boost my overall sense of wellbeing by living a more fulfilling life day-to-day.

I decided it was time to consciously unpack why I feel overwhelmed:

  • The city feels rushed. The negative effects of traffic while people are rushing to get somewhere on time can be a terrible...

How I got my article published

I am proud to announce that my article got published on A List Apart giving me the chance to share my career experiences with the community.

My article — "Finding Opportunities in the Mistakes We Make" got published on A List Apart on 2 August 2016. I'd like to share the steps I took...


Code katas

A fun way to practice and familiarize yourself with development tools, workflows, patterns and practices.

Wikipedia states that a code kata is an exercise in programming which helps a programmer hone their skills through practice and repetition.

The term was probably first coined by Dave Thomas, co-author of the book The Pragmatic Programmer, in a...


Coping with unknown outcomes

"I am an old man and I have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened." by Mark Twain

As software developers we have a lot of things that build unnecessary stress and anxiety in each day of our profession - just to mention a few and in no particular order:

  • Collaborating...

A mindful day of happiness

Everything I did today was done with intent and slower than usual. I was mindful.

Today I had complete control of my day and my emotions because I was mindful.

I walked mindfully. I spoke mindfully. I thought mindfully. I listened mindfully. I stood mindfully. I ate mindfully. This is something I have never...


The rainbow in our storm sprint

Communication is essential to minimize stress and get the support a team needs to be successful.

We are seven days into our two week sprint and our burndown is flat-lining. Until today, this sprint felt like a terrible storm that would never clear up.

Naturally a flat-lining burndown raises red flags and causes concern...


Making red-tape allies

Having allies that are exposed to just as much red-tape as you can give you the confidence and guidance you need.

Sometimes you have to tackle many obstacles to get something done at a corporate. Many refer to such obstacles as red-tape.

This can be anything from proxy or network related constraints to unaligned environment...


Streamline operations communication

Get the support you need to make the product and operating the product a success.

Teams cannot focus on sprint work when there are multiple communication channels filtering into the team at any given point in time.


The ego barrier

Be the change you want to see even if it doesn't change anything right away.

An ego is a person's sense of self-esteem or self-importance. It can be detrimental to a person and those around them if received negatively.

I'm sure you've experienced the ego and superiority complex within the software development community.

It becomes...


What it means to be an expert

Accelerate your learning by sharing what you learn with others while you are learning it.

Experts aren't people who know absolutely everything in their field of expertise. Take GPs for example, they provide educated guesses based on textbook learnings and through their real world experiences. Scientists are constantly disproving previously proved theories. We are people...


Discovering fiddles

If you are new to fiddles, it's an online code playground that let's you quickly experiment, visualize results and share code without having to start up an IDE, editor or server of some sort.

They are generally free and include features such as syntax highlighting, results preview, reference dependencies, sharing, code forking and embedding demonstrations...


Some new HTML5 elements

The HTML5 specification has introduced more elements to aid us with semantic markup. I've discussed some of the design changes as well as the introduction of structural elements.

Note: There are many books, articles, wikis and posts relating to these elements. I wanted to document my research by combining the semantics, usage and code samples...


HTML5 structural semantics

In 2005 Google sampled (link since removed) over a billion documents. This highlighted popular class names, elements, attributes and other related metadata.

The data surfaced many structural requirements related to div's with classes of nav, header, footer, sidebar etc.

As HTML5 is not intended to be used to markup documents...


Design changes in HTML5

Elements, attributes, and attribute values are semantic according to the HTML5 Specification.

These definitions allow HTML processors, such as Web browsers, screen readers or search engines, to present and use documents and applications in a wide variety of contexts that the author might not have considered.

This enables a single document to be used by:

  • Different...

The horror behind design

Improve your craft, write the cleanest code you know how at that point in time, learn from your mistakes (and that of others) and always aim to improve.

I think looking at the plumbing behind many designs could make one stay up for weeks. Now, when I refer to designs in this case...


Simulating mobile devices in Chrome

Discover the simulation power behind the Device Mode feature in Google Chrome.

Chrome DevTools has a feature called Device Mode since Chrome 49. This feature extends some previous features by allowing you to simulate different devices and capabilities. Possible use cases include:

  • Visual aid for designing a mobile-first and / or responsive web site
  • Verify...

Branding your identity

It's important to know that having an engaging community presence is far more beneficial than experience alone.

Think how the web has evolved. There are so many technologies that it is impossible to know everything.

Yet recruiting is largely based on experience, instead of the ability to learn something new quickly. Although the former is...


Coping with fears of public speaking

Fears sabotage our success and impede improvements we can make. It's terribly difficult to overcome them but all we can do is try. Take it one step at a time.

At some time in your career, you may be asked to present or speak at an event. If you are brave enough, you may...


5 Soft skills every developer should know about

"We only grow when we are doing things that makes us uncomfortable." by John Sonmez

I have been following John Sonmez for a while now. He has personally guided and motivated me during the conception of my blog.

I never really focused on my people skills until I was exposed to a lot of people...


People do stupid sh*t

"If you don’t fail it’s because you did not risk enough, and if you didn’t risk enough it’s because you didn’t put your whole self out there." by Carlos Barrabes

People do stupid things. It's guaranteed and there's no way to control it. That's what makes epic fail videos so popular.

While we aren't failing...


Reignite the passion

Do you remember how excited you were when you wrote your first program? It's easy to forget when you've been in the real-world for a long time. Sometimes we just need to reignite that passion that we once felt and spread the feeling throughout our teams.

Office politics and company drama is exhausting....


Escaping the social comfort zone

"I think that we grow when we are outside our comfort zone. If it's not breaking you down, it's not building you up." quoted by Scott Hanselman

The comfort zone. What a wonderful place. It's so safe to be in. You're familiar with the surroundings, it has few surprises and everything just makes sense.



Dealing with change in teams

It's sad when people leave because bonds are formed but we can't stay in the same environment and position forever.

I had a bad experience. I once joined a team that had pressure from all angles. Fixed deadlines, unexpected and sometimes last minute scope changes, responsible for numerous front-end websites integrating into a highly...


People oriented software

The art of making software for people with people.

Today the words "people oriented software" materialized in my mind. It's not a new (I Googled it) but it is new to me.

As a software developer I naturally felt obligated to write about code and technical implementations. I didn't follow through on that. To...


The importance of Git history

Version control is like time travel for source code. If commits are monolithic and the messages suck... what exactly are you going back to?

I use Git at work and in my personal playground. It gives me the confidence I need to explore options and experiment without fear of losing changes.

With such a...


How this blog improved my productivity

Having a pet project has some powerful benefits. Do you have one? What benefits have you observed?

I started this blog as a course. I decided to meticulously create the site from scratch keeping in mind page speed and user experience.

It took a lot more time and dedication from me. I had to...


Problems with microservices

After an interesting debate, I decided to explore some of the problems that teams may face with microservices architecture.

Trying to decipher a monolithic app is a real pain. Changing it is scary. I don't always trust the test suites attached to codebases because with time and neglect, code and tests can rot. I...


Time is precious

When last did you just stop to smell a flower? Or take a peaceful walk without having to rush for something?

Today I sat in standstill traffic. It took me an hour to get home. It's usually between 15 and 20 minutes. My time is precious to me so I was frustrated. I'm...


Adjusting the corporate mindset

Just because it's always been done that way, doesn't mean it can't be changed.

Personally there is nothing I can do about the way corporate work. There are a lot of people involved and possibly a plethora of reasons for why they do things the way they do - that I can't see...


Days that rush away

Are you busy but don't feel productive? I feel this way sometimes. It is exhausting. How can we find ways to feel fulfilled and accomplished at the end of the day?

Rushed days leave me feeling exhausted. Today was one of those days. Events were back-to-back. Emails and instant messages were streaming in. There...


Context-driven queries

Do people look confused when you talk to them? Only you can truly know what is going on inside your mind. Communicating with context and intent helps alleviate confusing discussions.

Our minds are beautiful. It processes, sorts and catalogs data from each experience and outputs a perspective. From this we create an understanding of something...


Bonding with Testers

Do you form relationships with testers? Teaming up with testers from the beginning of a feature can positively impact the quality of the feature being developed.

At work we often get trapped in our roles. We develop the software so we should only contribute to the development of whatever we're building. Once complete, someone -...


Manage expectations

Do you keep business informed? Business won't know when things are not working out unless you tell them. It is surprising how much support we can get when we open honest channels of communication.

Let's say you've settled into a corporate. You start working on a story but you horribly misjudged its complexity. The...


The “Perfect” Illusion

Are you chasing after unicorns - perfect things that may not exist? Perfection is a subjective perspective. I dive into this "illusion" and how it has affected me.

Media often creates a perception of everything being "perfect". Billboards, magazines, company websites, social media and television are all flooded with images of perfection. The scary part...


You don't have to be a number

Do you feel like a number? Making a name for yourself in the software development community helps build street cred in the corporate world.

When you join the corporate world, you become a number. At least, that is what I heard - and believed. The game involves a lot of players and you...


Welcome to my blog

My name is Clarice Bouwer. I have been a professional software developer since 2006 and I still feel like I have absolutely no idea what I am doing.

Regardless, I learn some pretty cool stuff that I want to remember so I jot it down here and have the opportunity to share it with...